Works with various media: sculpture, installation, photography, painting.
In her practices, she often addresses the topic of time, uses media archeology and uses tactics of soft intervention in the environment (gallery, museum or natural space).
Since 2016 she has been working with artists with mental disabilities in the PinchukArtCentre studio.
/*empty space*/
She studied at the Kyiv Polygraphic Institute, the French École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Dijon and the Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
During the war, the new Adam nomenclateі his animals with names of his weapons. Gestures of human tenderness-aggression towards non-humans bloom with the carpet of flowers of the Botticelli spring.
canvas, oil
the first night of a full-scale war, I photograph the stars and the fear of the unknown.
“survival tablecloth”

When the war broke out, I was working on the opening of P. Horytsvit museum in Kryvorivnia. We did not open the project and I went to Lviv, to my friends. perhaps as aid for a displaced person, I was given a tablecloth. It was with handmade embroidery, old, with yellow marks. and I didn’t need it at all. The tablecloth caused anguish and associations with blockade and famine.
That evening was the most difficult one: I was in someone else’s apartment, I was safe and could not save anyone. From my past, the only thing I had left was a backpack with my things in it; I did not pack it as my emergency survival bag. After a while, I laid out all the items I am going through the war with on the tablecloth.
trip to the Kiev region. it is now known that this is only the beginning.
already in the first week we resume with Oleja Shishlova zoom classes “workshop of opportunities” and start drawing every day.
After 24th of February 2022 a perception started to work in specific way. In trash bags Ukrainians see corpses, in bread — food supply, in melodies hear siren, in loud sound — explosion.
This scene I taked in peaceful Venice after Bucha’s massacre photos had appeared in the web. Dead father, running frightened boy, war ships at the horizon.
no title
Color Print