Usually works with sound, performance, video, their intersections and land.
The focus of artistic practice is the theory and history of music and art, subcultures and micro-communities, Soviet heritage, urban space, various stories with small (stories) and big (histories) letters.
Co-founder of the photo initiative Periscope_ua.
/*empty space*/
from the Dnipro.
Before the full-scale war he often changed cities for life and work.

After a long pause in art practice, I started embroidering. I now work chaotically, testing the possibilities of material and medium.
/*empty space*/
The flatness of embroidery as a technique and its apparent “naivety” unexpectedly become a safe space for polar thinking, black and white.
It is as if the reactionary / activist impulses of art, which I allow, can now be released.
This work is a reenactment of Katya Buchatska’s “survival tablecloth”, which she made from her own backpack and its contents. In a look on the scattered things, I am interested in their sociology, combination and neighborhood. In all this, traces and imprints of existence are viewed, which can be considered, compared and made short-sighted assumptions.
embroidery of baba Maria.
Low packet form contains what must be consigned to the ground, decomposed as corpses from battlefields, rubbish, products of utilization. Cumulus, Cirrocumulus, Altostratus are the crystals — clouds (from Latin nubes) condensed on the surface of content, as if it were possible to contrast heaven and earth. Cloudy signifiers are embroidered and threaten. However, the heavens are solidarised with the earth. The skies bring an air raid alert, aerial anxiety, nuanced by hailstorms and tornadoes.
leo’s workplace in Lviv.
stencil by Vlodko Kostyrko, 1990-91.