Kyiv-based artist and curator of Working Room residency.
works with paintings, installations, performances and videos.
She deconstructs the narrative of images and transforms images into objects.
Owner of the Kazemir Malevich Prize in 2012 and 2016. Member of artistic group R.E.P. and the curatorial group KHUDRADA. She represented Ukraine at the Venice Biennale in 2022.
/*empty space*/
Graduated from the KYIV NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, department of PAINTING, in 2004.
From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Lesia and her family moved to Ivano-Frankivsk by force. Now the artist is abroad.
Since the beginning of the residency, Lesya has been interested in the topic of dehumanization — how we change, becoming bloodthirsty and enjoying the sight of dead enemies, and how these feelings are incomprehensible to the Western world.
“Peaceful” objects from the artist’s images are “keys” through which a person who has not experienced war can better understand this experience.
Mannaquins for Lesya Khomenko are another battalion. They come out of their broken windows at night, turning into monster warriors to take revenge on the Russian soldiers.
This work is a replica of Nikita Kadan’s March photograph taken by him in Kyiv after the shelling of Lukyanivka.

While working at the residency, the air alarm often shaped a process of work — one had to leave the work and run to the shelter. Therefore, unfinished painting is one of the most acute images of wartime.
Lesia Khomenko paints a picture under the howling sound of the siren and interrupts to go down to the basement. The picture shows the phone in the author’s hand with the air alarm app turned on, and the performative part of the work is documented by Maria Leonenko, a resident of the Working Room and Khomenko’s colleague.
Lesia brings the unfinished work with her to Warsaw, where she evacuates with her family and gives the painting to the Warsaw artist Mikolay Hylyak. He takes care of the painting and completes it.
“air alarm”
Lesya works at the residency Working room. Ivano-frankivsk, March 2022.
During an air raid, it’'s full of people with pets. This is my family. It is very cold to sit on the floor. Kyiv subway. February 24, 2022.
“MaX in army”
The Voloshyns offered to spend the night in their gallery, it is warm and safe there. Kyiv.
residence in Uyazdovsky Castle. Warsaw, April 22.