Eugen Arlov. in collaboration with Diana Derii
Kyiv-based new media artist, performer, sound artist.
TOOK PART IN several exhibitions and performances such as “Non-Player Character” 2021, “Save Flowers of Ukraine” 2021, “Out-of-body experience” 2020.
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he STUDIED IN Kharkiv State School of Art and KYIV NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARTS. A resident of Photinus studio.
Originally from Poltava.
he was forced to move to Ivano-Frankivsk because of the full-scale war. He has since returned to Kyiv.

The 1994 Budapest Memorandum was a landmark act of political games staged by international players against Ukraine.
All that remains of guaranteeing the sovereignty of the territory and the right to exist are words and sacrifice.
Like the Budapest chess gambit, Ukraine has sacrificed its nuclear capabilities and armaments to gain a better position in the international arena.
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In Eugene's work, the deconstructed text of the memorandum takes the form of poetry and is opposed to the context of the document. All proper names in the document are sacrificed and given new names, ultimately turning the text into an abstraction.
“Budapest Gambit”
VIDEOdocumentation, SOUND, 10 MIN
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Chess piece.
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During the residency, Zhenya Arlov lived at the Khata-Maystrenya space.
Photo: Kris Voitkiv.
at the Khata-Maystrenya space.
Photo: Kris Voitkiv.